Friday, November 16, 2012


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


When my sweetie took us out to dinner at a local sushi bar and restaurant we love the food so much. Normally my husband wouldn't care for any sushi at all. But because my daughter and I loves sushi a lot, he took  us out to dinner for a nice sushi treat. We did enjoy our dinner so much and So, the following weekend we went to our local asian market and bought the stuff i needed to re-create our sushi night dinner at home.

I must admit, it's a bit intimidating doing your first sushi roll but then after a while you'll get the hang of it. For this particular sushi recipe i used tilapia fillet instead of eel. It's kind of hard to find those frozen eel here in town so I just made my own version of UNAGI SUSHI. I just marinate the fish fillet in UNAGI sauce to give it some flavor. You can create your own sushi and just use whatever kind of filling you fancy. I put cucumber, tilapia, and some japanese RICE SEASONING in mine.

Next is the soup! we did ordered a big bowl of soup AT ICHIBAN (tha'ts the name of our fave local sushi bar and resto) and it was awesome. This soup is called TINOLA which is like a chicken soup with green papaya and pepper leaves but i added some SOMEN noodles to make our version of chicken noodle soup.

And last of course is the dessert. Although we did not order any dessert at ICHIBAN i thought it would be nice to end our dinner with a nice asian dessert. This one is my fave cheesecake recipe EVER!!!!!!!! this is a japanese cheesecake which is more fluffy and softer than the regular cheesecake i used to make. I like the rich soft texture yet not as sweet as the regular cheesecake. this one is a winner!!!!! and by the way, don't forget the tea!
If  you want to try the cheesecake recipe click HERE

And that my friend is our re-created Japanese style dinner :)