Thursday, October 27, 2011

beauty #21 Citrus and milk bath

Now this bath blend is very easy to do plus all of the ingredients are very easy to find too!
Citrus and milk bath blend has moisturizing effect on the skin. It also nourishes the skin with protein and calcium and vitamins. The lavender and citrus helps stimulate the circulatory system and add a wonderfully luxuriant aroma to the treatment.


1 cup dried milk powder
(if you have oily skin use non-fat milk)
1/4 cup orange peel
1/4 cup lemon peel
4 drops lavender essential oil


Draw a warm bath and while water is flowing slowly add dried milk, orange peel and lemon peels and lavender oil. Soak for 20 minutes
Pat dry and moisturize


source: Secrets of the Spas

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beauty #20 Seaweed Powder & aloe Hydrotherapy bath

This recipe, although i haven't tried it yet is a perfect seawater therapy treatment. Very easy to prepare at home too. Always check your local health food store if they have the supply, well usually they do. Seaweed is rich in iodine and protein, which are directly absorbed into the skin helping in the detoxification process. Aloe gel helps regenerate and soothe damaged skin or dry skin. Next to fresh seaweed, the freeze-dried powder is seaweed in its purest form.

Source: Secrets of the Spas


1/2 cup freeze-dried seaweed powder
1/4 cup aloe gel


Pour seaweed powder and aloe gel into bath water and relax for 20  minutes. pat dry and moisturize. As seaweed baths can be draining, it is best not to overexert yourself immediately after the treatment.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beauty #19 Geranium & Olive Oil Bath Blend for Normal Skin

Geranium has a multi-purpose characteristics include that of an insect repellent, tonic and antiseptic, mood lifter, athlete's foot remedy and frostbite healer.

In the bath its is also soothing for normal skin and has wonderfully rich and relaxing aroma. Olive oil, has high vitamins and minerals and helps maintain the correct water balance and level of acidity for the body, both internally and externally.

***From the Book Secrets of the Spas***


3 tablespoons olive oil
8 drops geranium essential oil


Combine oils in warm bath water and relax in it for 15 minutes. Pat dry and moisturize as usual.

Monday, October 24, 2011

vintage dress

Nina Piccalino nautical dress

Melissa lane 1980's party dress

Hal ferman 1970's sheer party dress

  This are my new vintage finds. All of this items are available at The Vintage Village.
The dress are perfect for a theme party or you just want to make a fashion statement, or you just simply love wearing vintage!

Monday, October 17, 2011

sunday dinner

rice, spare rib soup with bok choy, grilled pork, pickled cabbage and spicy vinegar

                 Tonight's dinner. The last day of our meat party i should say :) Well, in the past we eat a lot of meat, like almost everyday, but since we started doing detox every year, our taste for meat has lessen. Interestingly, we crave for more veggies everyday. In this Menu, we have this melt in your mouth spare rib soup with lots of bok choy (my husband loves soup), juicy grilled pork with the pickled cabbage and spicy vinegar and of course rice. This was really a very appetizing and filling meal. And there was a lot of leftovers. And since we can't eat this for tomorrow, i put the leftover in the freezer for the next weekend. Saves me time to cook for next time :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

a Meaty treat!

max's style fried chicken with pickled cabbage

                 Doesn't it look so yummy?! Well, its not just the looks but the taste as well. This is my family's weekend treat. Usually on week days, my family only eat veggies and rice. So on the weekend, we treat ourselves to eating meat or fish along side pickled food or stir fried veggies. This one, was a tasty and juicy treat. I found the recipe online. Just google the name Max's Style fried chicken and the list will pop up. Lots and lots of recipe ideas with this particular recipe, but i chose this one since its the easiest to prepare. Along side, is my homemade pickled cabbage. Traditionally, this side dish uses green papaya. I just happen to have a head of cabbage in my fridge so i went ahead and use them instead. It's still good and very healthy. Did you know that eating pickled food has alot of health benefits in our body? Plus it aides in the digestion especially after eating fatty foods. In the Philippines, where i came from, pickled papaya is being served along side Lechon, fried pork or fried chicken. But that was never explained why, other than the very delicious combination of taste. I just found out not too long ago, that the purpose was to help digest the fat in our food, amazing isn't it?!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pasta night!

homemade ginger tea

baked garlic, mashed

pesto and bread

                    This was last night's dinner. My daughter has been craving for pasta and since we dont eat meat, not until the weekend at least :) i decided to make some Pesto! This recipe was from the new show called "THE CHEW" and this was by Mario Batali. What i like about this pesto is, he added some baby potatoes and green beans with the pasta. Then for the pesto, the basil was still chunky, he added the olive oil last, so the consistency is not too thick. I love it! And for the bread, just a regular white bread but the good part is i spread it with some canola butter and my baked garlic. I love love baking garlic. When they are done, they become soft, you just squeeze them out of their skin and mash them together making a paste like consistency. It is so good and the garlic has a sweet taste to it, making it a perfect garlic spread. I baked the garlic at 400 F for 45 mins, i used 2 heads of garlic BTW. And whala, you have your own healthy spread! And i should mention that the nice and icy cold ginger tea was a perfect drink for this meal :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I want to ride my Bicycle...i want to ride my bike.....

      As i have metioned and posted on my blog, my husband bought me a new bike. It's a Schwinn wome'ns Trailway hybrid bike. It was a little too high for me, i had the seat adjusted and i have to practice to hop on it, since i am used to riding a bike just perfect for my height. And so i got the hang of it, and finally the day has come for my bike to feel the breeze and rough road in the bike trail. I must say, that i am completely satisfied with my bike. My husband was right, it was really smooth to ride with and very light. Not like my old one(which my hubby is now using) it was so heavy, i couldn't even lift it.
       This was, at our local Park by the way. it was a perfect day to go biking that day, unfortunately our daughter was not with us, she was still in bed when we left, tired from last nights football game. But she was delighted and thought it was cute, that her parents went on a date without her hahahah....(usually, when we say were going out on a date,  we literally mean "WE" the people in our house. The three of us, my husband and i  cannot bear to go out and have a wonderful time with just the two of us, unless our daughter says "no". well, thats us and every family is different.
        But anyway, i cannot wait for our next "bikes-capade". BTW my husband is planning to buy her own hybrid trailway soon, he wasn't happy riding that old bike, he said his butt was sore heheheheh....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

vintage finds

80's Debora Kuchme for Neiman Marcus

70's Kay Windsor striped dress

80's My Michelle multicolored dress with matching belt

vintage ebony and ivory TRIFARI necklace


Monday, October 10, 2011

backyard barbecue

my sis-in-law seasoning the meat

viven's bow tie pasta

my favorite seaweed, left over from last night's party

viven's fruit salad, from last night's party

my niece

the gang

the "torch bearer" heading to the grill
                         Ok, if eating is wrong, i dont want to be right...hahhahaha  well i don't know what else to to tell you, but our family loves food. We all love to cook, spend time talking just about anything and telling jokes! So, after last night's party, we decided to have a barbecue at the park before we head back to Bakersfield, which is like a 3 and a half hour drive from Modesto. unfortunately the park that we went ot did not have barbecue grills and they have this huge sign that says no fire. So then, we go back to my brother in law's cousins' house for the barbecue. I say, park or no park made no difference. We were as merry as we can be. So merry, that we forgot the time. we're supposed to leave before dark and when you know it, the sun just disappeared hahahhaha.....You are always in good company with your family around, that you just forget the time. Even if you just talked about nonsensical things, going back years before when we were kids, but just the laughter being shared together is just priceless. I can't wait till the next gathering again. It did'nt matter wether we drove 3 or 4 hours. We got home close to midnight, tired and our bellys full, and the laughter and times spent together will stay in our hearts forever.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mitsuwa Markertplace

Mitsuwa marketplace

isn't she cute?

i am so drooling .....

too pretty to eat :)

Love bean bread

so good!

oh my, more goodies!

bento box

and some more.....

hello kitty marshmallows?

this is insane!!!!


my favorite, inari

and more.....

people, lining up for this noodle stand

                                       OHAYO!!!!! Ogenki desu ka? my dear friends! A week ago, we went to San Jose, CA to visit a dear friend of my husband. It's been 2 or 3 years maybe since our last visit. They are like parents to us. And my daughter would call them grandma and grandpa too. They are really nice couple. We went with my sis-in-law, her mother-in-law, my sis-in-law's husband and their daughter. So pretty much the same folks going out on a trip....hahahaha. We're very close family, that's why. It was really nice to them again, a lot of catching up with what's going on here and there. We pretty much just passed time talking in thier kitchen table, ate some sandwiches and the best part was the "goodie" Anne, ordered this sort of strawberry shortcake. She said it was the last cake of the strawberry season, so she made sure that shes going to serve it to us. It was really delicious very delicate cake. Just the perfect sweetness and tangy taste to it. I forgot the name of the Mexican Bakery, she ordered it from, but she said Anne said that it was the only bakery in San Jose who makes that wonderful delicate strawberry cake.
So, later that day we head home but before that we got to stop by the japanese marketplace called MITSUWA. Love, love this place. Everytime we go to San Jose, the family always stops by at that place. I knew my niece love Japanese food, so i promised to take her there. We love their "goodies" especially their bento box. Huge selection to choose from. And since it was a long trip, like 5 hours maybe from where we live. I make sure that i get evry flavor there is in thier bento boxes. Of course i do love INARI. Anne was the one who introduced the food to me:) really delicious. i don't know what it is really, but the wrapper is like a very thin omelet and inside is this sweet sticky white rice. My niece like them too!
We were just so excited like a kid in a candy store when we got there. On the corner, was a noodle shop, and also a small noodle stand in the middle. people were lining up. The noodle smells so good, but we didn't get a chance to buy one, because of the long line and it was getting late. We have an invitation that night in Modesto, So we didn't want our belly to get full before we go to the party you know...hehehehe...Well, too bad i was really tempted to get just a small bowl of noodle soup, just to taste them. Maybe on our next visit. How i wish we have it here in Bakersfield.  By the way before i forget here is a photo of the strawberry cake.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

round table pizza

chicken and combo pizza

Maui Zaui

garlic bread


and the family, looks like were taking our class picture reunion :)

          Hello dear friends! It's been a while since a post my last blog. I've been a busy bee lately. Anyway, this was taken a few weeks ago, when we visit my sis-in-law in Modesto, Ca. And as all of you know, whenever there's a family gathering food is always present. We seldom eat out, we like the backyard get together, but in this particular day, my brother-in-law's cousin invited us out to Round Tables Pizza. They say it was the best. My husband looooves pizza. Me? well just depends on my mood. I have never had a pizza that i would say i really liked. They are either too oily, crust is too thick, or they are too salty for me.
           So, we sat there waiting for our order. They ordered 3 kinds of pizza for us to try. We had the combo, the chikcen parmesan and Maui Zaui. And OMG!!!!!! They were right! BEHOLD!!!!! dear fellas.....i finally found "the pizza" place that i really liked. Everything was really good. The Maui Zaui was my personal choice. It's like a hawaiian pizza but "the BEST'. A touch oif sweetness, the perfect saltiness, with the tomatoes, canadian bacon, sweet peppers and cheese on top....hmnnnnnnn....delish! And i love their garlic bread too! Melt in your mouth garlicky taste. And guess what, i have found out, just recently that we have Round Tables Pizza here in our town. Imagine that. For sure i will visit the place one of this days, and check if they are good. Because you know sometimes, the tastes differs from one place to the other, i think depending on the cook? but that's just my opinion.
             So there, i'd say it again...Round Tables Pizza is the best! try their Maui Zaui it's that good!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


The Egyptians used sandalwood in medicine for emblaming and religious ritulas; the French used it to fight bronchitis and urinary problems. In todays world, sandalwoods primary use is for perfume and soap making. Sandalwood has an excellent skin healing properties, such as cracked and chapped skin. sweet almond oil serves as the oil carrier, as some essential oil are needed to be blend with oil carriers.

Book Source: Secrets of the Spas


3 tablespoon sweet almonf oil
8 drops of sandalwood essential oil


combine oils in warm bath water and relax in tub for 15 minutes. Pat dry and moisturize. This treatment should be followed everyday until skin is healed.