Thursday, October 6, 2011

round table pizza

chicken and combo pizza

Maui Zaui

garlic bread


and the family, looks like were taking our class picture reunion :)

          Hello dear friends! It's been a while since a post my last blog. I've been a busy bee lately. Anyway, this was taken a few weeks ago, when we visit my sis-in-law in Modesto, Ca. And as all of you know, whenever there's a family gathering food is always present. We seldom eat out, we like the backyard get together, but in this particular day, my brother-in-law's cousin invited us out to Round Tables Pizza. They say it was the best. My husband looooves pizza. Me? well just depends on my mood. I have never had a pizza that i would say i really liked. They are either too oily, crust is too thick, or they are too salty for me.
           So, we sat there waiting for our order. They ordered 3 kinds of pizza for us to try. We had the combo, the chikcen parmesan and Maui Zaui. And OMG!!!!!! They were right! BEHOLD!!!!! dear fellas.....i finally found "the pizza" place that i really liked. Everything was really good. The Maui Zaui was my personal choice. It's like a hawaiian pizza but "the BEST'. A touch oif sweetness, the perfect saltiness, with the tomatoes, canadian bacon, sweet peppers and cheese on top....hmnnnnnnn....delish! And i love their garlic bread too! Melt in your mouth garlicky taste. And guess what, i have found out, just recently that we have Round Tables Pizza here in our town. Imagine that. For sure i will visit the place one of this days, and check if they are good. Because you know sometimes, the tastes differs from one place to the other, i think depending on the cook? but that's just my opinion.
             So there, i'd say it again...Round Tables Pizza is the best! try their Maui Zaui it's that good!


  1. I agree with you. Sometimes, if not most of the time, tastes differs from one location to the other even it's a chain. This was our experience with IHOP in Bakersfield and the one in our place.

    IHOP in your place is so disappointing. Don't go there. Hehehe.

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. lili,
    Good thing we didn't. And IHOP in Anaheim, California too. my golly, it was so disappointing, even their orange juice taste like water!

  3. Hmmmm that pizza looks so yummy...

    Hehe and such happy happy faces, glad you are having good times sweetie!!! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  4. god it looks so yum !!!!!! and you all look all happy (probably because your bellies are full of delicious pizza hehe :p)

    I'm sure you can find a red lipstick to suit you =) Just go to a counter and ask the ladies !! They'll find the right shade for you :)

    xxx Vee