Saturday, October 15, 2011

a Meaty treat!

max's style fried chicken with pickled cabbage

                 Doesn't it look so yummy?! Well, its not just the looks but the taste as well. This is my family's weekend treat. Usually on week days, my family only eat veggies and rice. So on the weekend, we treat ourselves to eating meat or fish along side pickled food or stir fried veggies. This one, was a tasty and juicy treat. I found the recipe online. Just google the name Max's Style fried chicken and the list will pop up. Lots and lots of recipe ideas with this particular recipe, but i chose this one since its the easiest to prepare. Along side, is my homemade pickled cabbage. Traditionally, this side dish uses green papaya. I just happen to have a head of cabbage in my fridge so i went ahead and use them instead. It's still good and very healthy. Did you know that eating pickled food has alot of health benefits in our body? Plus it aides in the digestion especially after eating fatty foods. In the Philippines, where i came from, pickled papaya is being served along side Lechon, fried pork or fried chicken. But that was never explained why, other than the very delicious combination of taste. I just found out not too long ago, that the purpose was to help digest the fat in our food, amazing isn't it?!

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