Monday, October 17, 2011

sunday dinner

rice, spare rib soup with bok choy, grilled pork, pickled cabbage and spicy vinegar

                 Tonight's dinner. The last day of our meat party i should say :) Well, in the past we eat a lot of meat, like almost everyday, but since we started doing detox every year, our taste for meat has lessen. Interestingly, we crave for more veggies everyday. In this Menu, we have this melt in your mouth spare rib soup with lots of bok choy (my husband loves soup), juicy grilled pork with the pickled cabbage and spicy vinegar and of course rice. This was really a very appetizing and filling meal. And there was a lot of leftovers. And since we can't eat this for tomorrow, i put the leftover in the freezer for the next weekend. Saves me time to cook for next time :)


  1. I kept checking if there's a new post and I always come back to this over and over again. Damn! This makes me so hungry. I want bahaw with these.

    Damguhon ko na lang ni. Fat free, sugar free and calorie free pa. *sigh

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. I love home-cooked food just like these dishes you have here, awww the feeling and taste is so much better than what you can find in restaurants. :)

    And your hubby is a dear man, and so are you! How you managed to be so strong while he is away is really inspiring.

    The Cat Hag