Friday, October 14, 2011

Pasta night!

homemade ginger tea

baked garlic, mashed

pesto and bread

                    This was last night's dinner. My daughter has been craving for pasta and since we dont eat meat, not until the weekend at least :) i decided to make some Pesto! This recipe was from the new show called "THE CHEW" and this was by Mario Batali. What i like about this pesto is, he added some baby potatoes and green beans with the pasta. Then for the pesto, the basil was still chunky, he added the olive oil last, so the consistency is not too thick. I love it! And for the bread, just a regular white bread but the good part is i spread it with some canola butter and my baked garlic. I love love baking garlic. When they are done, they become soft, you just squeeze them out of their skin and mash them together making a paste like consistency. It is so good and the garlic has a sweet taste to it, making it a perfect garlic spread. I baked the garlic at 400 F for 45 mins, i used 2 heads of garlic BTW. And whala, you have your own healthy spread! And i should mention that the nice and icy cold ginger tea was a perfect drink for this meal :)

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