Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mitsuwa Markertplace

Mitsuwa marketplace

isn't she cute?

i am so drooling .....

too pretty to eat :)

Love bean bread

so good!

oh my, more goodies!

bento box

and some more.....

hello kitty marshmallows?

this is insane!!!!


my favorite, inari

and more.....

people, lining up for this noodle stand

                                       OHAYO!!!!! Ogenki desu ka? my dear friends! A week ago, we went to San Jose, CA to visit a dear friend of my husband. It's been 2 or 3 years maybe since our last visit. They are like parents to us. And my daughter would call them grandma and grandpa too. They are really nice couple. We went with my sis-in-law, her mother-in-law, my sis-in-law's husband and their daughter. So pretty much the same folks going out on a trip....hahahaha. We're very close family, that's why. It was really nice to them again, a lot of catching up with what's going on here and there. We pretty much just passed time talking in thier kitchen table, ate some sandwiches and the best part was the "goodie" Anne, ordered this sort of strawberry shortcake. She said it was the last cake of the strawberry season, so she made sure that shes going to serve it to us. It was really delicious very delicate cake. Just the perfect sweetness and tangy taste to it. I forgot the name of the Mexican Bakery, she ordered it from, but she said Anne said that it was the only bakery in San Jose who makes that wonderful delicate strawberry cake.
So, later that day we head home but before that we got to stop by the japanese marketplace called MITSUWA. Love, love this place. Everytime we go to San Jose, the family always stops by at that place. I knew my niece love Japanese food, so i promised to take her there. We love their "goodies" especially their bento box. Huge selection to choose from. And since it was a long trip, like 5 hours maybe from where we live. I make sure that i get evry flavor there is in thier bento boxes. Of course i do love INARI. Anne was the one who introduced the food to me:) really delicious. i don't know what it is really, but the wrapper is like a very thin omelet and inside is this sweet sticky white rice. My niece like them too!
We were just so excited like a kid in a candy store when we got there. On the corner, was a noodle shop, and also a small noodle stand in the middle. people were lining up. The noodle smells so good, but we didn't get a chance to buy one, because of the long line and it was getting late. We have an invitation that night in Modesto, So we didn't want our belly to get full before we go to the party you know...hehehehe...Well, too bad i was really tempted to get just a small bowl of noodle soup, just to taste them. Maybe on our next visit. How i wish we have it here in Bakersfield.  By the way before i forget here is a photo of the strawberry cake.


  1. Ay hinampak! Why did I come here when it's 3:12am? Now you're making me hungry again.


    Thinking Out Loud

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,always lovely to read! Your trip looks and sounds amaizing! Sounds like such a sweet and special relationship between you guys too!
    All this food looks so yummy :D making me hungry,and ive just eaten dinner :D
    Hope your having a wonderful weekend x