Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Justine Bieber and Petite pain au chocolat

So it was a lazy evening, we turned to TV on to check what's new on netflix. We've seen almost every program that we're interested into watching. So, i said well might as well try this Justin Bieber Movie. I've heard a big rave about this movie as well.

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earlier that day, i baked some petite pain au chocolat.

here is what it looks like on the inside. i used some dark chocolate truffle.

mint tea and petite pain au chocolat

I'll be honest,  in our household, we do love some of Justin's song but were not really a big fan, not even my daughter. She even laughed at us because we're watching the movie. But guess what?! i think she's now converted, one big fan of the Bieber haahahah. Honestly, I think that Justin Bieber is not just talented but a gifted child. I highly recommend this movie to watch with your kids if haven't watch it yet. It's a great feel good bonding movie to watch with your family. And very much inspring story for our kids as well.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A sunny breakfast

We woke up with this lovely scenery outside our kitchen window

warm ray of sunshine hits the room. hubby is cooking with his robe on but mind you he's wearing his apron, hand made by me :)

on Face book while cooking

the egg on the right side? that's my daughter's. she never like runny sunny side up, omelet, or fried egg. She liked that way, sort of a combo of the three :)

"pink fried rice" it's sauteed with shrimp paste that's why it's pink

TADAHHHH!!!! Fried rice, egg and tocino(it's sort of like our bacon, a favorite morning breakfast. it has a sweet taste to it)

and Milo(hot cocoa)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Drumline par 3---out for a walk

It was around 3 in the afternoon, our butt are numb from sitting on the bench while watching the performances. My husband and I decided to take a break and go out for a walk around the school.

this tree is in full bloom!

just random pic

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the moon

better view

can you spot the bird?

It was a nice and refreshing walk...:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drumline season Part 2

here some of the snap shots i took at the event. It started early and already the kids are all pumped!!!

traditional school event snack--funnel cake which is good but i never really liked them coz my tummy is not so friendly when i eat those cake :(

this is something new, but honestly i don't like the sound of it. They sell these at the fairground too, but i never dare to try them. It scare's me.

it's a bit chilly, yet no one can stop these kids from getting some hawaiian shaved ice

this i would say, i'll eat but not much

colour guards practicing

i'll be posting more next blog.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Drumline Season is ON!!!!

Marching season is over, the honor orchestra was done and now we welcome the season for Drumline. This was the first competition for the season, held at North High School in Bakersfield California. i was a whole day event. I also took a few photos of the color guard performing. I'm proud of these kids, who really worked hard doing their best to compete. Long hours of practices, bruises and all. My daughters' school won first in their division!!! they performed "The Traveler". can't wait to see the next competition!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's a Grand Night for music

My husband and I were very much excited to hear the kids play.
It was held at the Rabobank Arena on the 4th of FEb. 2012

we got there 30 mins earlier, since our daughter has to set up and warm before the show

on the front- the Kern County Honor Orchestra, and at the back- the kern county honor choir
these are the kids who worked hard and practiced to audition to be in this Grand night!

this was after the performance, a few kids with their beautiful instruments

my daughter, sorry it's a little dark. this was a quick snap.

The Orchestra played three music piece, American Salute, Finlandia and the theme from Pixar animation "UP".
watch on youtube HERE

Thursday, February 16, 2012

typical weekdays dinner

You may wonder, why i call our weekend dinner a feast? Well here's why......presenting our typical weekdays dinner!

braised string beans

steamed asian greens and brussel sprouts

sauteed eggplant with egg(or as my dad would call them "egg&egg")

another stir fried asian greens

 You see? there is no meat at all, except if we have company that day i need to change the menu. Or sometimes if i ran out of veggies. Luckily my husband and daughter never complain, they love veggies as much as i do. So there you have it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Honda Vehicle Theft

A repost from South Union Blog

Source: kget.com

Car thieves target older model Hondas

Published: 2/13 6:50 pm
Updated: 2/13 7:31 pm
Bakersfield Police are urging people to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior in parking lots after a wave of Honda thefts last week on and near the Bakersfield College campus.

There were at least eight successful or attempted thefts last week alone, according to reports filed by both campus police and the BPD.

The college's parking lots are tempting targets for car thieves because there are plenty of cars to choose from and not many people milling around the lots. Student Julian Alberto says he has been extra protective of his Honda due to the recent crime wave. “Especially because my parents bought it. It’s something meant for me and it cost them. They worked for it. I always lock the windows and make sure the alarm is on.”

But, sometimes that’s not enough. The cars targeted have been 1990's Hondas which are relatively easy to both find and steal.

“It’s so easy to get into them that people generally think that they’re entering them with a key,” said BPD spokesperson Sgt. Mary DeGeare. “It’s not like they’re breaking the window and causing a lot of attention.”

Bakersfield College police estimate that close to a third of cars parked on or near campus on any given day are Hondas. But, it’s not the cars themselves that are so enticing – it’s the parts.

“Hondas you can sell for $3,000 and for the parts you can make close to $5,000,” said local mechanic Noel Nalupa..

Nalupa says his shop always checks Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) and asks for proper paperwork before accepting cars. But, he says he’s seen firsthand the huge demand for older Honda parts, some of which are quite valuable because they are so difficult to find today.

“Because the kids got them and they'll pay whatever the cost is,” said Nalupa. “I don't know where they get the money.”


Valentine's day

sweet marie dessert wine from Delicato vineyards and home made mini raspberry cheesecake

baked tilapia fillet seasoned with curry and herb

Happy Valentine's To all! This is just a quick post of our Valentine's day date night. We had a very simple dinner; My husband, myself and the fruit of our love our daughter :)
The food was fantastic, It was my first time to prepare the dish and already it was a hit ! A perfect cheesecake dessert topped with raspberry was the best paired with white sweet marie wine.
The night was lovely! Hope you all had a wonderful day too!