Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Justine Bieber and Petite pain au chocolat

So it was a lazy evening, we turned to TV on to check what's new on netflix. We've seen almost every program that we're interested into watching. So, i said well might as well try this Justin Bieber Movie. I've heard a big rave about this movie as well.

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earlier that day, i baked some petite pain au chocolat.

here is what it looks like on the inside. i used some dark chocolate truffle.

mint tea and petite pain au chocolat

I'll be honest,  in our household, we do love some of Justin's song but were not really a big fan, not even my daughter. She even laughed at us because we're watching the movie. But guess what?! i think she's now converted, one big fan of the Bieber haahahah. Honestly, I think that Justin Bieber is not just talented but a gifted child. I highly recommend this movie to watch with your kids if haven't watch it yet. It's a great feel good bonding movie to watch with your family. And very much inspring story for our kids as well.


  1. Yum!! =)
    nancy @ adore to adorn

  2. justin biber in a movie? i didn't know that..
    mm that petite pain au chocolat looks so so yummy!! :)

    1. Yes, imagine that?! But it's the movie is about his life story. And yes the petitr pain au chocolat is really good, especially that i used nutella as filling!