Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drumline season Part 2

here some of the snap shots i took at the event. It started early and already the kids are all pumped!!!

traditional school event snack--funnel cake which is good but i never really liked them coz my tummy is not so friendly when i eat those cake :(

this is something new, but honestly i don't like the sound of it. They sell these at the fairground too, but i never dare to try them. It scare's me.

it's a bit chilly, yet no one can stop these kids from getting some hawaiian shaved ice

this i would say, i'll eat but not much

colour guards practicing

i'll be posting more next blog.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a lovely day out.
    Deep fried snickers sounds yum,but I'd feel too guilty after eating that :D

    Thanks for your kind words,as always,hope your having a wonderful day x

    1. ewww...gosh i would never ever try those deep fried snickers! hahaha

  2. oh wow-I would love to see this in person! =)And I love kettle corn! Such a staple at outdoor events like this.
    nancy @ adore to adorn