Monday, February 6, 2012

chicken wings

Thai chicken wings

japanese chicken wings


broccoli soup

mashed potato

avocado for dessert

Bon appetite!
It was the weekend, naturally it's grocery day for us. At the meat section, i spotted those chicken wings was on sale. And since i'rts the weekend we're allowed to eat meat :) I already had an idea what i'm going to do with the wings. I found this recipe on a website and i've always wanted to try them. BTW, i have provided a link for you guys, just in case you want to try them. I guarantee you, the recipe is the best. The wings are moist and juicy and tasty to the bones, and most of all it's so easy to prepare. I've got some broccoli soup too, another fave in our family, some simple salad and mashed potato. For dessert, i have some avocado topped with condensed milk. I know some of you would think it's weird, since avocado is not a typical dessert fruit especially here in the U.S. But in the Philippines, avocado is a very delicious dessert. Just add condensed milk to sweeten the avocado (according to your taste) and mushed them! the best healthy dessert in my opinion :)


  1. Aw its so sweet you wore one of the earrings and your husband the other,both so stylish :D
    Ye the cross earring seems to be on alot of the celebs on tv over here,I noticed it and love them,like a flash back from the 80's.

    Thanks for your lovely comment,pleasure to read as always, sorry i toke a while to stop by,uni work has just been non stop!

    Those chicken wings and mash look amazing,my stomachs rumbling right now :D What a chef! If only I had the will power,to cook gorgeous food like this from scratch and eat healthier!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's really good. Try the recipe :)