Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I want to ride my Bicycle...i want to ride my bike.....

      As i have metioned and posted on my blog, my husband bought me a new bike. It's a Schwinn wome'ns Trailway hybrid bike. It was a little too high for me, i had the seat adjusted and i have to practice to hop on it, since i am used to riding a bike just perfect for my height. And so i got the hang of it, and finally the day has come for my bike to feel the breeze and rough road in the bike trail. I must say, that i am completely satisfied with my bike. My husband was right, it was really smooth to ride with and very light. Not like my old one(which my hubby is now using) it was so heavy, i couldn't even lift it.
       This was, at our local Park by the way. it was a perfect day to go biking that day, unfortunately our daughter was not with us, she was still in bed when we left, tired from last nights football game. But she was delighted and thought it was cute, that her parents went on a date without her hahahah....(usually, when we say were going out on a date,  we literally mean "WE" the people in our house. The three of us, my husband and i  cannot bear to go out and have a wonderful time with just the two of us, unless our daughter says "no". well, thats us and every family is different.
        But anyway, i cannot wait for our next "bikes-capade". BTW my husband is planning to buy her own hybrid trailway soon, he wasn't happy riding that old bike, he said his butt was sore heheheheh....

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