Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks giving party!!!!

Belated happy thanks giving to you all! This year, we got invited to spend our thanksgiving at my husband's friend and classmate in 3rd grade. It was a total blast, we spend the whole day reminiscing back i the days when they were young-err. Of, course when the rest of the family members arrived, the party started. Lots and lots of food, gosh mind you we just finish our last week of detoxing right before thanksgiving! imagine that! or else we wouldn't be able to savor those delicious food and delectable desserts. The guys enjoyed playing drums while the girls sang karaoke the whole night! Of course, its not a Filipino party if you don't have karaoke..heheheheh....We were up on stage until about 1 am, even the kids join in and sang a few Tailor Swift songs. Later we head to kitchen again, time for round two. Since we have burned all of the fats and calories singing our hearts out! Another round at the dinner table, Hmnnnn...i devour those crispy Turon (bananas wrapped in eggroll skin) and another round of old stories from the guys. It was just full of laughter and fun. And surprisingly no one ever felt tired or sleepy, even the kids. At 4 am, the whole gang decided to go hit the road fro tha black friday shopping. Our host, took us to Navy exchange store. It was almost an hour drive form their place. Luckily, my long time dream of owning an automatic bread machine came true! Hurray!!!! Merry christmas to me! Finally it was worth the wait. I got it for a very fair price if i say so myself! I cannot wait till we get home and try my new kitchen gadget. for sure i will be making lots and lots of bread with it, especially our favorite bread "PAN de SAL" . And i will be posting my first homemade bread for sure. It was around 6 am, exactly 24 hrs of no sleep, and by the time we were standing up in line till we load our stuff, everybody looks so tired, we finally feel like were going to crash anytime soon. On our way home, our dear friens who is by the way a retired Navy Chief still managed to drove us around and took us to a tour of the naval air base. It was a double treat! We took a few photos, but i dont think it's appropriate to share since we look so tired and our eyebags are ready pop any moment, hahahhaha.....We really had a wonderful time spending thanksgiving at their very cozy beautiful home. We are so thankful for the hospitality.
I am also thankful for lots of things, not just on thanksgiving but everyday. All the grace and blessings, the strength and good health, the joys and laughter, friends, my in-laws for being so nice and kind to me, my parents, my sister and her family for all the sweet thoughts and love they share and of course my family for all the loveand everything! And that is all the reason why i am thankful everyday.

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  1. So many things to be thankful for...what a lovely dinner you had with your friends.... just wondering if you could also follow my blog and check out what's in and out in food and dining in the Philippines.
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