Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A special birthday gift

I recently celbrated my 37th birthday. My ever crafty Sis-in-law lovingly made me a weekender bag. I was too excited to open them, and before i realized i had to take a picture of the beautifully wrapped gift i already rip them open.

I also got a letter from her, we used to write to each other back then before all this internet thing came out. How often do you get a hand written now adays? She complains about her hand writing now hahhaha....i think i can relate to that. I myself is getting messy with my hand writing :)

Tadaaahhhhh!!!!! A beautifully and lovingly made travel bag. She spent hours and hours in her she cave for this. I can't wait to use this soon. I will cherish this forever and will always use this nag whenever we go out of town. Thanks my dear Sis-in-law!!!!


  1. I wish you many travels with this travel bag
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    The Dolls Factory

    1. I do too! Thank you very much for the lovely wishes :)