Monday, March 21, 2011

ROCKin & GEMin!!!!!

Saturday was fun! After picking up a few grocery list at our local Asian market, we happen to stop by at the Shriner's Club to check out the ROCK and GEM show. Lots and lots of gem stones to choose from!

you can choose from polished to rough tumble stones. I always prefer rough stones, for they are still in their natural un-worked state, but  polished stones are fine too.

I do have a few collections of gem stone. I don't just collect them for their beauty, i also use them for healing and meditation. 
So, here's what i got. Among them are Rose quarts, carnelian, citrine, amethyst, tigers eye, amber, peridot and smoky quarts. I will be using them to energize certain areas in my house.

polishing a stone sphere

I do love gems!!!! I hope you'll get inspired and start a few collections of your own.


  1. never been to this kinda thing before and i've never such huge semi precious stones. oh my.

  2. we have an ashtray made of some precious stone :)

  3. hey! you have some precious stones left here in the Phils.

  4. @manel...yes i know, so you better take care of my precious!

  5. gi-tiltilan na cguro ni manel ug walo ka tipak, hehehehe.

  6. naay daghang bato sa ilawom sa balay nila anhing nang pening, lol.