Monday, August 6, 2012


My husband and I stumbled upon this very nice documentary about people living in tiny houses.
From the moment we watched the video we fell in love with the idea of one day living in a tiny house like this. Right now, we are living in a three bedroom house and yet when we watched this amazing documentary we just fell in love with it and feels like we have found our dream home. We just realized that as we grow older we  really dont need stuff to fill your life with. We just want a simple and comfortable living, less clutter mostly stuff that we dont really need. I think this is just a wonderful idea for people like us, who seek a very simple living someday. We always have this idea in our mind that we wanted to live in a simple house surrounded by trees and plants and our vegetable garden. We love to get closer to nature, we love to see the stars at night and just admire the beauty of all this amazing element in nature. Living in the city, you dont get to appreciate really how beautiful it is to see the moon and the stars at night, or even the sound of the wind as it brushes through the trees. I dont know about you, but that's how we imagine our life would be not far from now. We were surprised to know that there are quite a few people who have moved into tiny houses like this, lots of how to's and move in videos on youtube.  We just can't wait to build our lovely tiny house someday:) We hope that this video by FAIRCOMPANIES.COM will inspire you as well : )enjoy watching.........