Saturday, August 4, 2012


Have you ever tried these refreshing hibiscus tea? It is also known as Jamaica. They are most common in Latino stores, along with the other line of refreshing fruit drinks. I just found out, they also carry dried hibiscus flower. And since i enjoy the sweet tart taste, similar to a cranberry juice, i bought a whole pack and make my own drink.

dried hibiscus flower, about a handful

4 cups water

give it a boil

cool it down, add more water and add sugar, adjust the taste to your liking

put it in your pitcher and let it chill

And here you go! refreshing plus tons of health benefits. Hibiscus is widely used in asia as well. Hibiscus young leaf are also edible, eaten raw in salads or can be stir fried. According to some studies, hibiscus has vitamic c, helps lower cholesterol, maintain blood sugar level and good for your skin :)...CHEERS!!!!!