Friday, April 1, 2011


Last week, the family decided to have a movie night. It so happen that this movie was on the netflix list, so we decided to watch it. The story was nice and inspirational. A feel good movie to watch! And by the way, did anyone noticed Julia's bag? It was paarreeetttyyyy!!!!! So pretty, that i decided to make my daughter a bag inspired by the movie.

Here it is...well it's not that great though. I just like to sew. But my daughter likes it! I did the best i could, not to mention i broke 5 needles hahahahha.....the handle part  are  too thick for my poor old sewing machine so i painstakingly hand sewed it :( The material was from a blanket i found at the thrift shop. I just love the print and color.

Then she remembers! Her friend's birthday is coming up in just about 4 days. She asked me to sew another bag for her. She likes something cute, so i made this darling Asian embroidery for her.

My daughter likes it too! She even requested a "Dr. Who" (it's that geeky British show she's watching)embroidery on hers! Well, wish me luck!