Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have a new BIKE!!!!!!

       hello!!!! Well, i am very excited to show a photo of my new bike. My husband, surprised me one day. He said he's taking me to TARGET and buy me a new bike. I have an old bike, and i liked it. But no, he said that my old bike is not for women's. And i thought, is there such a thing as a man's bike and a woman's bike? Pardon me my dear readers but when i was growing up all i know was a bike is a bike. nobody told me that there is a feminine and a masculine bike! hahahah...Silly me : D. All i remember was my sister and i were taking turns learning to ride  my dad's assembled bike! hahahahah.....i didn't know the difference. To me, it's a bike period.   
       So, anyway we went to the store and he personally picked this one for me. He said that this is comfortable to ride with, and once i started riding this bike i will never go back to my old bike again. he explained a lot of stuff, like suspensions and speed and what not....Huh?! speed? all i know was just one speed i said...what do i know?! i just ride my dad's  bike and thats it...whether it's comfortable or not i am just happy to ride a bike. hahahaha : D
        Well guess what, he was totally right! This bike is awesome! very smooth ride i say. He said, "of course it is  comfortable"'s a women's hybrid schwinn bike. Well, ok dear...i never had a woman's bike before hahahahah.....: D.
      Now, whenever we can we go for a few round here in the neighborhood in the afternoon. He enjoys biking a lot, and i do too! And guess what happened to my old bike...well sad to say, while i am enjoying the comfort of my new bike he's now using my old "uncomfortable bike" : D


  1. Such a cute story =D He's now taking your old one hehe :p so sweet =) I personally hate biking and always hated it, but I'm sure eventually if I had a good (woman's =D) bike and some time to spare and some sun shining I would go with my boyfriend for a bit of a ride =) It sounds like you spend good times doing it =) hehe.

    xxx Vee

    ps: my makeup organisation isnt all finished yet :p as I keep buying more I need to sort out my drawers >__< !!!

  2. Hi Marj!
    Thank you for visiting my blog today ~ and for taking the time to comment!! I loved this post about your bike ~ there is definitely a difference between a "man's" bike and a "woman's" bike!! Hope you have future bike-riding fun! Look forward to reading your future posts! Much love and many blessings ~ alice