Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puto Balanghoy (steamed cassava)

grated coconut

grated cassava

cassava, grated cocnut and brown sugar

put them in a mold

condensed milk and cocnut milk for the topping

           Hi there! I am back again. Been so busy lately with stuff around the house. Anyway, My husband and I have been surfing the web for some traditional Filipino recipes and we stumble upon this AWESOME recipe. Puto Balanghoy or steamed Cassava is one of our favorite Merienda(snack) anytime of the day. Just one puto and your good to go. It really fills your tummy! Though this particular recipe is not the same as the one that we usually buy, it is still very delicious. So, we gave it a try and whala! I haven't had any puto balanghoy for a gazillion years, so imagine how excited we were! By the way, if you want to try the recipe, just google "puto balanghoy recipe". i've searched for the Boholano version ( the ones we've been craving for) of this recipe but unfortunately i couldn't find it. All of the recipes i've found online are pretty much the same. This one is worth the try though. Simple and delicious : D....YUMMMMM....


  1. looks really yum !!!

    I'll try and go back to draw more and I'll post it again on my blog hehe =) I've watched a few Bleach and loved it ! I'm not so much into mangas as I used to be but I still love them =)

    xxx Vee