Saturday, December 3, 2011

My first Calzone

Since my husband bought me a breadmaker. My kitchen seems like a bakery nowadays. The house smells of a  freshly baked bread most of the time. Just last night i baked another Pan de sal. It was such a hit, my husband would bring some to work and my daughter would bring a couple to school for snack. I am glad that we don't need to buy Pan de Sal from the store anymore. Anyway last night, i decided to make some vegetable calzone for dinner with some salad and roasted vegetable on the side. It was so good! Although i haven't mastered shaping the calzone yet(sorry) it tastes so delicious. The filling was a combination of sweet  roasted vegetable and melted cheese. Our bellies were full,  we finish it up with a cup of freshly brewed herb tea. Nothing beats the taste of fresh homemade bread, plus there is no preservatives, that's for sure!


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