Thursday, December 1, 2011

My first Pan de sal

As i have mentioned, i got my christmas present early. I've been dreaming of this bread machine for a long time. So, last thanksgiving my dream was granted. My sweetheart bought me a Cuisineart bread machine, and it was the best! As soon as we got home, i put the lovely gadget to the test, and boy was i satisfied with the result. Finally, i can make my own bread without the painstaking job of mixing and kneading the whole thing. So, here it is my friends my very first bread using my Cuisineart Bread Maker. This particular bread is a favorite morning meal among Filipinos, it is called "PAN DE SAL". i got the recipe on YouTube by the way, just in case you ask, there you can find tons of tips and recipes on how to make your homemade Pan de Sal.  My pan de sal was really good thanks to the youtube how to's. Now all i need is a warm milk, or hot cocoa, or even coffee, dunk it and devour!


  1. Wow what an amazing bit of kit! What a great invention,I believe it making everything easier for yourself,why not :D what a lovely early xmas present.
    Thanks for your comment,I know Urban Outfitters is a little pricey,but it does'nt cost a thing to window shop :D
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  2. A bread machine!!

    I have always wanted a bread machine myself but I find it so much easier to just buy sliced bread loaves haha. ;) Taking the easy way out.

    Band practice sounds so fun, I knew it was a very popular extracurricular activity in my school. I myself joined Netball and Track and Field haha, probably not good since I got so tanned!

    Life seems really good for you these days, and for that I am glad. ♥

    The Cat Hag