Monday, December 5, 2011

Zizi blooms Fish

This post is specially dedicated to ZiziBloom, who posted a bunch of random pictures of mouth watering food and desserts on her blog. This particular recipe was in it. Being Asian, i do love seafood, vegetables and well just about anything i can eat.....hahahah..... The colorful photo of sweet red pepper, onions, and fish really caught my attention.

Anyway, this particular recipe do calls for sardines, but unfortunately there was'nt any sardines at the Asian store when we went there last saturday. But, i really wanted to try the recipe, so i bought some smelt :( i am sorry Zizi, but i just could'nt wait for a few weeks more to try your delicious fish recipe.

I am also following Zizi on Facebook, i immediately sent her a message asking for her fish recipe and she was very kind enough to reply back, and told me to check her blog for the recipe. I was really, really happy!!!! The taste was good, it reminds me of our Asian recipe with almost the same kind of ingredients except we put vinegar in it. I do love the smell of oregano and the taste of sweet pepper. YUM!!!!
Thanks Zizi, it was really good, we had a very nice meal.


  1. I'm so glad you like it!!!
    thank you for your lovely comments! You are always welcome to my blog and my facebook page!


  2. Aw thanks so much for your very lovely comment,compared to the girls at my uni,I have a long way to go with my sewing :/
    It's a shame I dont like seafood! I love the look of it,looks so yummy,packed full of flavour and yummy,but I just can't eat food that looks like what it is? I know Im pafetic.
    Zizi sounds lovely,gonna have to check out her blog x
    Hope your having a wonderful weekend x