Saturday, July 28, 2012

After the catch on my previous blog, SIL Aimee made some Kinilaw (raw tuna in vinegar and mayo) like ceviche. and some tuna belly soup. Also, i went to the the asian atore to get a few of my asian veggies and fruit.

tuna belly

water spinach or kangkong

guanabana (front) and malunggay(morenga) i needed the seed inside the pod so i can grow my own malunggay tree. BTW, my sweety and i have planted a few guanabana seeds and a couple of them have sprouted :)

Upo(gourd), gabi(taro root), kamote(sweet potato), saging na saba(plantain), malunggay pods

OK, now that are bellies are full we hit the road to downtown Disney.

AMC theater

the lovely bunch!


our snack :) caramel popcorn

brother Yusef, signing his CD. Play's good with his guitar

kids, watching the guy in black play his violin

my niece Ja


ooopsss, not so clear shot :)

And we ended our nice afternoon stroll dancing with the Rockabilly's !!!!!!
it's a bit chilly, somebody's going to ask for a tea when we get home :)


  1. Is that guabana? It looks like custard apple to me.

    1. Yes Ta, latinos call those fruit guanabana. We've planted a few seeds. And excited to say that we've got quite a few saplings now ;)

  2. (second to the last photo) I pity the man without a partner. Where's Mama Ces?

    1. Oh yeah, did not notice him. Lola was somewhere on the side, i guess she got tired.