Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you St. Therese


Todays blog is dedicated to St. Therese. She is a Carmelite nun who died at the age of 26 from an illness and in her death bed she says " i will let fall a shower of roses".

My miraculous experience began one day, when my cousin, my sister and i have been talking about our dreams for our future. My cousin then mentioned that we should pray to St. Therese for our wishes to be heard. The prayer was given to her by her MIL. So, we started our novena for 9 days. and patiently waited for St. Therese's sign of her roses.

One day my daughter was invited to watch a spring concert at a school, so we decided to watch it with her. As we were walking towards the gymnasium, i saw this huge carving of a red rose across the street on an apartment building and ironically the buildings name was ROSEWOOD gardens. Instantly, i was overwhelmed with joy for i knew that this was the message from St. Therese that i have been waiting for, which was actually the 9th day of my novena. This was just the beginning.

Eventhough i am done praying the Novena and eventhough i know that my wish has been granted i kept on saying the novena whenever i want to for the past few months. I have so much to ask for particularly at this point in our life where i needed the biggest miracle i could ever ask for.

As i continue praying for almost a few weeks now, i joined this blog giveaway not to long ago by Victoria Camp design. It was a pair of lovely white rose clay earrings. I have joined a few giveaway but i have never won so far. I thought if i win this rose giveaway that means St. Therese has heard my prayers once more.

Today was a very special and miraculous day. I woke up this morning receiving an email from Victoria Camp that i won her white clay rose giveaway!!!!! I just couldn't believe it. I was on my knees near my altar, thanking St. Therese for her miracle. I started another novena today, at this point in our life i am in need of greatest help ever. As soon as i finished the Novena i started praying the lords prayer, and immediately i felt as if there is another presence in the room with me. Suddenly i couldn't control myself from crying all through out my prayers. When I'm about to say the last few prayer's the presence sort of subside and my crying stopped.

At this point, i heard my phone received an email. So i checked as soon as i finished. I got a message from pinterest, and it says: "ROSIE" repinned 2 of your pins on spirituality. now rosie as in ROSE and incidently her profile picture was a red rose with colorful swirls around it. at the bottom of the message was another pin liked by Paula, it's Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Wishes Fulfilled".

Here i am, very much surprised. thingking that i just finished praying to St. Therese and immediately i got an answer from her. As if she was using all of this wonderful people on the internet to get the message to me.

Later, i turned my computer on. I was looking for a photo of St. Therese to add on my pin board spirituality. After a few hour, someone repinned my St. Therese pin. As if once more ST. Therese is telling me that her message was real and it's really her communicating with me. I don't think all of this happening in just a day was a coincidence. It was truly an amazing experienced of Great miracle. I feel blessed, thankful and at ease knowing that all of my worries will be over and everything will be well. All of my prayers, my wishes has been fulfilled. All i need to do is wait for the right time for it to unfold.

I have also stumbled on a great blog about St. Therese's miracle. If you got time to spare, please visit her blog HERE. Very inspirational and wonderful story of a great miracle. You dont have to be religious to pray, what's important is that it comes from your heart and believe in it.

Thank you St. Therese

If you are interested to recite the novena to St. therese i have included a copy of the novena below
say the novena for nine consecutive days and wait for miracle, a shower of roses :) in my case i like saying the novena for more than nine days. wether i am asking for a wish or not, i will continue to pray to her, as a way of saying thank you for all the miracles i have received as well as sharing my story to others and made her  known for her wonderful miracles to help inspire us.

Prayer to St. Therese

O Glorious St. Therese, whom almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind
I implore your your miraculous intercession.
So powerful are you in obtaining every nedd of body and soul, our Holy mother church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles, the greatest Saint of modern times."
Now i fervently beseech you to answer my petition.

*****mention your specific petition here******

And to carry out your promises of spending Heaven doing good upon the earth...of letting fall from heaven a shower of roses.
Henceforth dear little flower I will fulfill your plea "to be made known everywhere" and I will never cease to lead others to jesus through you


  1. Thank you for sharing. I am so desperate I talked to a moth. I will try this.

    -keeping the faith-

    1. Welcome Ta :) share your miracle experiences as well :)