Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of JULY

well hello there, im back from hibernating :). i've been thingking of writing this blog since last week, but i just got busy around the house. anyway, last week the 4th of July, we went down to Anaheim, CA to visit my sister-in-law for the holiday and at the same time it was her husbands birthday the following day. We just had a good time spending the holiday with them. They took us to Dana Point, we were suppose to have a nice afternoon picnic by the shore, but geez! the marina was packed with people. Just about every corner you look, everybody's having a barbecue party :). we were lucky to find a parking space, but not so lucky on the picnic spot, they are all occupied. So, we then decided to stroll around take some pictures, watch the bird, kayakers and few people fishing. The weather was just perfect. before the sun sets, we head back to Anaheim hoping to find a park where we can barbecue. Oh we have lots and lots of food. At first we went to this park where they would usually take us everytime we visit, but again, it was packed with people, after all it was a holiday. So, we turn around and decided to go to a smaller park nearby. Ahhhhh....finally, what a relief! everybody is hungry, its getting dark and we wanted to go the restroom hahahah....As soon as we park, we then get busy with the food preparation. The food was DELICIOUS!!!!!MMMMnnnnnnnnn, good old home cooked flavor! we stayed late, till about 10 p.m. we played guitar, sing song, tell stories. It was absolutely a lovely night. I went thrifting the following day with my sis-in-law and her mother-in-law, we always and love to thrift whenever theres a chance, meanwhile the husbands are out too, jamming with their friends, just around the neighboorhood. Good Times.....we felt sad when we left, we missed their company already. Just spending time with family is PRICELESS.


  1. Holiday photos!!

    Those BBQ photos are amazing, I wish I could nom nom nom on some of the corn and quid now. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Love that you came to visit! We had so much fun!