Friday, July 1, 2011

camping #3

getting ready for dinner

beef barbecue

left over chicken from lunch

got to have the rice

So finally, it was close to dinner,  we then dicided to get started. we had Thai beef barbecue that night. After dinner, it was still too early to go back up the summit, we then sit by the fire and tell stories to pass the time. aftern an hour or so, it was getting chilly and starting to get dark.  Evrybody agreed to have a cup of capuccino and tiramisu cup cake before we leave . The  was so excited to go star gazing coz they haven't seen a clear view of a shooting star yet. Well, of course when you leave in the city, you can't even see the star clearly because of the electric lights at night. How often do we stop and look up in the sky at night, and just admire the beauty of the twinkling star? Not much i suppose.

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  1. I like this but my hubby does not as much as I do!I could have joined the jun.