Saturday, July 2, 2011

camping #4

laughing at themselves

at the summit, trying to hard to make a wish, they saw one shooting star!

at the campsite again

next morning

preparing breakfast

chow time!

Finally, the moment they have been waiting for. We were at the summit, the kids were so anxious, its getting dark, and one by one the stars start appearing in the sky. The astronomers were getting busy, mapping n charting and recording everything. They were really busy working. There was this really nice couple next to us, they were heading back to their campsite, but was so kind enough to introduce us to one of the astronomers, they got acquainted with earlier that day. He was so humble to allow us to peak through the telescpoe. And boy, we were so glad. We saw Constellation, the milky way, the galaxy as far as 25 million light years away. And the best part of it all was, seeing the planet SATURN, ring and all.......I ca not forget that wonderful experience. we even see satellites, it look just like stars except they move and fade slowly when they are hovering around the earth to get some signals.
Anyway, the next morning, it's time to get ready to go home. I wish we could stay for one more day. The girls was still sleeping, perhaps too tired from last night. we prepared our breakfast, scrambled egg, pork tocino, rice and some fruits. While were having breakfast, we couldn't stop talking about all of our adventures, the star gazing for the most part :)......we finish our meal, we took our last group pic and we all head home a happy camper!!!!!

MT. PINOS is located in Frazier Mountain Park, CA
fee is $ 16.00 per vehicle
primitive camping, no shower, no water. there is however restroom within the campsite(no flush)
exploring the forest needs a wilderness pass for $5.00 per vehicle (one day)available at DONS LIQUOR or at the ranger station

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