Saturday, July 23, 2011

visiting Nanay, Lancaster, Ca

the beautiful scenery, on our way to lancaster

lots of trees like this in the desert, i beleive this are called joshua tree. for some reason they remind me of a camel

almost there

nanay's pet, her constant companions

we were here to buy a few tiles for her sink

at the cinema

pls. fall in line

here to buy a small charcoal grill, air bed

oh this was lunch

my husband fixing the sink and his cousin ryan as the supervisor :)

the two fixing the screen door which was blown away by the desert wind some weeks ago.
and ryan's sweet baby girl.

tadah....heres the brand new grill!


way back home...

so, we were in Lancaster last weekend to visit my husbands aunt. at the same time, we were there to help her fix her sink. It was like a family gathering since her son and his family came to visit too. They took us to the movies, of course we watched harry potter! we're all fan of the series. I say it was good.

it was warm that day, well of course Lancaster, CA  is a desert area, its near Mojave, but it sure was windy. at night the wind is a bit chilly, yet very relaxing. We had a barbeque, got to have it, otherwise its not a family gathering. It's nice to feel the cool breeze while enjoying the beautiful  night sky with the twinkling stars, and from time to time we see a couple of satellite passing by. I really appreciate this kind of stuff, since you dont get this kind of opportunity when you live in the city.

The night was perfect, dinner was great, we had our belly full...:), we bought ice cream, but gosh, everybody had to pass, no room for any kind of dessert. I think we ate a lot of rice, barbecue, and drink a lot of Nanay's thirst quenching lemonade! Ahhhh...that was the best! As usual, on gatherings like this we often tell stories, chit chat for almost two hours on the table before we clean up. It was exactly midnight when we decided to quit chatting.:) one by one, we start yawning. We clean up the table, then afterwards my husband fix the broken tiles. It was past one in the morning, when we went to bed.

the next morning, I asked nanay if we can go thrifting. Oh, i love thrifting . We went to a couple of stores, since most of them are close on sundays. I was so excited and anxious to buy a little something, But My gosh, i was in despair when i saw how expensive their thrift store was :( it was twice as much he price from our thrift store. "high" became "low" from the "high price" LOL! I told Nanay, that i like their place, so clean and quiet, no traffic, but i just dont like your thrift store...hahahhaa. i'd rather buy something new cause its cheaper. :) Although i didn't get anything at the thriftstore, we did have some fun spending time with them.


  1. looks like fun!! i hope that we can follow each other!!!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos) X

  2. makasuya! next time i'm in town i am gonna drop by at nanay too.

    Thinking Out Loud