Thursday, June 30, 2011

camping #2

at the summit, hiking for a bit ,after lunch

just simply beautiful meadow

there still quite a few wild flowers

still goofing around behind those tress
After lunch, we went up the summit to hike and check the stargazing site. there were a few astronomers up there, setting up their equipments. on our way back to the campsite, i can't help but to stop and take a picture of every tree , mountains, and wild flowers around the area. we have done so much eventhough we got there late, it seems that everytime we go up there the time seems slow. i just can't help but wonder, when we are home, sometimes you have accomplished nothing all through the day, and the next thing you know it's already time to bed. But up in the mountains, everyhting is in a slow paced. we have enjoyed so much. we ate lunch, pitch our tents, took a nap, we went up the summit, we took a hike for a few hours, then we came back at the camp, still too early for dinner.   So, the kids decided to goof around and take funny photos of themselves.

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