Thursday, June 16, 2011


   Again, i was "googling" images on the web the other night. i came across a very nice painting of a Lady by AMADEUS. i liked it a lot, so i took out my sketch pad and pencil and pastels. I dont know what i was seeing but i made the lady's head bigger than her body...hahhahahah.....drawing #1 on my previous blog was sort of a malnourished gal because i made her so skinny. This time i made her head big? gosh...ahh...let's just say that this is my own interpretation of the art :( ooooohhh...spooky.....
    Anyway, i just thought i'd share it with my blog guest, after all this is my "tried so hard" work of art! feast your eyes......LOL! Like i said, i'm not a "for real" artist, i just like to draw : )


  1. i told you lili...its an ulag-ulag drawing....hahahah

  2. hahahaha! its nice ulag-ulag art!

  3. Your drawing is wonderful, and I dun find her head too big at all! :)

    The Cat Hag