Thursday, June 2, 2011


Before i tell you about the restaurant, let me tell you how we got there. Well, we went to the PEAAK awards night few days ago, the award is for HS kids in Kern District for excellence in athletics and activities. it was an honor for us parents that our schools winter drumline was one of the finalist that night. They were nominated for Best Musical Excellence. Although they didn't win, it was a night to remember. It looks like a night at the Oscars : ) It was hosted by our local sports anchor Gregg Kerr of Channel 29.

Gregg Kerr

here's our drumline performing
Ok, about the was getting late at night the ceremony was about to start in an hour. We didnt ate dinner yet, and we could hear our stomach grumbling. We were park near the entrance of the auditorium and as usual we dont want to lose our spot. So we went  across the street and spotted this Mexican eating place...

on the corner of California ave. & H st. Bakersfield CA.

a view from across the parking lot

tables n chairs on the side, if you want to eat outside

I thought we'd give it a try, given the circumstances. It was the closest place we can find. We didn't order much, we just want a quick bite so we can go back to the auditorium  and reserve our seat. I ordered a beef chimichanga, not knowing what it was really, and it was the smallest one on the menu. looking at the pics and a small burger n fries. Gosh...our order came, the chimichanga was so a huge burrito!  So my husband and i shared it, and it was awesome! the flavor was good, and you can tell the meat they use was fresh. When it comes to eating out my family is so picky, and for the first time we can say that we do like this Mexican grill, their chimichanga at least. i would like to go back  to try their other menu sometime. The place is not so big, very hispanic ambience. not to many people when we get there, well they were about to close in an hour. There's a couple of guys came in and ordered take out, and i get the feeling that they were regulars in that place, they seem to know their customers. So, we finish eating,  and i'm sorry i forgot to take a picture before we devour our food : ) cashier lady is getting ready to lock the doors and draw the blinds. Before we head out to the door, we bade goodbye to the chef and thank him for the nice meal :)

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