Wednesday, June 1, 2011


       I dont know about you, but i am among thousands of people who believe that when we die, our true essence is still there, that is our soul. Our body is our shell or our vehicle in order to live here on earth. But anyway, since my dad died a few years ago, i've been finding coins on the ground. Whenever i  feel like i am missing him, i always make a converstion with him in my mind and light a candle ( they say, a candles light is the only light they can see) and sure enough the next day i go out, i would  find penny on the ground. I always ask him to give a coin as a proof that he heard me. Sounds creepy? oh no, not at all. maybe its just me. I am more of a spiritual person than a religious one. Same thing happened to my husband when his dad died. he too, finds penny or any coins on the ground. I dont know why, i have no explanation why penny or dime, why not a hundred maybe? hahahha......
    Anyway, i have this dear friend of mine her name is Alma, shes more like a grandma to me. she too, passed away not too long ago. I took care of her until her very last day. When she was still with us, she would call me on weekends if she needs something, and evrytime my cellphone rings, it would register "withheld" on my caller ID since she blocked her number. And shes the only one who calls me like that, the rest of my friends and family; their phone number appears on my phone even the telemarketers.

    Long story short, last night around 7 pm, my phone rang, i picked it up and to my surprised i saw "witheld" on my caller ID. i answer the phone, no one was there, just silence. I hang up, my husband and i looked at each other, we're thingking the same thing. Maybe Alma was just saying hello to me. So, I simply say "hello Alma". FYI, i read that a spirit can manipulate electricity, like ringing a phone or turning the light on or off.....

   The next morning i had to go run errands and stop by at the grocery. I start the car, and by the way just so you know i am driving Almas car, (i used to drive her around town). That's right, it was given to me by her daughter after she passed away, along with her favorite throw blanket and a few cook books. The whole family are so nice to us. just wonderful people.
    So, last night's phone incident was in my mind, i started to talk to her and told her that i am taking her for a ride and that i thank her for calling last night. As always, i asked proof that she heard me, and guess what? yup, you guessed it...i found coins not "a coin"  but coins!  I have never found so many coins on the ground like that! Typical of her so generous character.

     And that is why i called this coins, COINS FROM HEAVEN, they are indeed.   Sometimes we just have to open our hearts and spirit so that we can easily feel and recognize that our departed love ones are still here with us, constantly checking and still very much parts of our lives.

this are the coins i found, just a couple of cars away from where i was parked, amazing isn't it?

even my daughter gets excited verytime she finds a penny.
this is our coins from heaven jar, almost full!

i hope my story inspired you. The next time you see a coin on the ground, dont be shy, pick it up; for they are precious messages from heaven just for you : )


  1. This is amazing my dearie, I love how in tune you are with yourself and with your loved ones up in heaven.

    I too believe that my loved ones watch over me, I speak to them from time to time but I never asked for any proof they heard me, I just know they did. :)

    The Cat Hag