Saturday, August 6, 2011


powdered seaweed
dried seaweed

fresh seaweed

In this recipe, your are given 3 choices of seaweed that you can use, whichever is available in your area. Seaweed wraps are beneficial as a quick way to remineralized the body and repelnish it with nutrients, like potassium,magnesium, calcium, copper, vitamins and amino acids. In fact, it is recommended to eat seaweed at least once a week, to get those nutrients that we lost on a daily basis. And i do! i love fresh or dried seaweed. Our blood's molecular structure is similar to sea water, thereby enabling nutrients from seawater to easily filter through the pores of the skin and directly into the blood stream. You may not know this, but some popular seaweed like the kelp is used for cosmetics and healing purposes. Some of  us may not like seaweed at all, but it's worth the try for good health sake!


8 ounces dried or powdered seaweed and enough water to make a paste


approximately 3 ounces of fresh seaweed
mylar or plastic sheet
1 blanket
space heater(optional)

Place a blanket at the bottom of the bathtub and set Mylar or plastic sheet on top. Set the space heater nearby and turn it on. While sitting on the sheet, cover yourself with the seaweed paste or the fresh seaweed and then wrap yourself with the plastic sheet and blanket. Relax for 20 minutes. Slowly unwrap yourself and remove blanket and sheet from tub. Fill the tub with warm water and relax for 10 minutes. After the treatment, pat skin dry and moisturize.

recipe source: Secrets of the Spa


  1. I went to the beach this week and saw a large amount of sea week washed up on shore...If I had know about this I would have collected some...great post as usual!
    Chari T (deep dried stilettos)

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