Wednesday, August 31, 2011


apple butter and apple sauce

filipino delicacy "SUMAN"

my daughter's oatmeal cookies

peanut butter

Another filipino treat "POLVORON"


Hey there! So this was just among a few of my chores over the weekend. Cooking, baking and housekeeping :).
Since school started, i have decide to make some homemade stuff for the kids. No, they are all mine. i only have one daughter and the rest of them are are her friends and school mates. They always hang out in our house, they love to eat Asian food..hahahahha... 

The first one was apple butter and apple sauce. They are both delicious and just about the right sweetness. Thats what i love about homemade, you can control the flavor!!! By the way, i found the apple butter recipe through a link on HIVENNs' blog but i just couldn't find the link anymore.

 Next is SUMAN, which is a traditional filipino delicacy wrapped in banana leaves. It is simply a mix of ground rice, mashed plantain banana, powdered milk, sugar and a bit of evaporated milk to keep it moist.

Next is oatmeal cookies, which my daughter baked. It was a hit to her friends.

 Then homemade peanut butter. i never like the peanut butter here in US, i constantly crave for the rich smooth and sweet taste peanut butter in our country. So, i google some peanut butter recipe and whala!!!! i made one!!!! Also my first time to make this recipe and it was a success!!!!!!!

Next is Polvoron, another delicacy in our country, and mind you this is really expensive at Goldilocks(filipino pastry shop and restaurant) And again, i google the recipe and made a few batch. It's a mix of powdered milk, sugar, butter and flour.

Lastly, the good old brownies. This one is from my hershey cookbook. I particulaly like this one, because it's not too sweet, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. YUM!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week too!


  1. Wow, your home-made treats look absolutely scrumptious, I wish I lived near you too so I can pop by and eat to my tummy's content! ;)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. Thanks so much for your comment,sounds so lovely that your so close to your daughters friends,thats really special,and the racoon part made me laugh but awww,if only she knew you thought that :D hahaha x
    Sorry Ive taken so long to comment back,been so busy getting sorted to start my final year at uni,and decorating my new room at home,as my younger brother is of the uni too! So me and my little sister get to have a new bright pink room! yey,ive been sleeping on the floor for the past year,because there was no room for me at home :D kind of funny!
    Anyways I hope your well and have a very lovely weekend! x <3

  3. Almost forgot to say,how yummy your treats look!
    Got me hungry,your posts are always so yummy :)

  4. i love brownies!!!!

  5. I love apple sauce =D !!!!! I miss that from Belgium =( you don't really find it here in UK !!

    xxx Vee