Tuesday, August 9, 2011

out & about

hello guys! here we are, our tribe : ) for those of you who were asking me about the camping trip, it was a whole lot of fun!!!! here are the photos taken from our family getaway. took me a while to post, i just got lazy heheheheh... as always, we went to our favorite camping place, Frazier park, CA. we personally like the place because it is so primitive. My husbands sister was there along with her family. We had a great time spending just a night and one day in the mountains. We went up to the summit, where the atronomers and stargazers are camping out. We were surprised to see a lot of people up there. Some hikers, bikers, quite a lot of astronomers, seems like they were expecting something big that night, and a bunch of tourist, looks like they were students on a trip. Sad, to say we didn't came back up later that night to see the stars, we got so entertained by our niece, passing time doing charades. We had a lot of food of course, our family loves food. In fact, i postpone our detox this year, which we try to do evry year just to cleanse our system. it wouldn't be so fun, if we were on detox, and missing out and drooling on all the good food that my family prepare. :) There's always a next year for that......
 I will be posting more pics next time as we continue our family getaway at lake isabela and kernville in california. see u nxt post!


  1. CAMPING LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!! I dont get to go very often!!!!!! I HOPE YOU HAD A LOT OF FUN!!! LOVELY PHOTOS!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  2. seems like you had a lot of fun =) It's good to see these kind of pictures, makes me happy =)
    The big picnic looks so yummy :p

    xxx Vee