Monday, August 22, 2011

Some 18 years ago

Hi there, i'm back again! Well, school had just started and i'm back on mom duty again :) i'm trying my best to write something on my blog at least once a week. But anyway, as i have mentioned on my previous blog, me and my husband celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary couple of weeks ago. Gosh! can you imagine?! it seems like it was just yesterday, and 18 years just goes by so fast. I have to tell you husband and i got married 3 times!!! yes, that's very true. The first was a civil wedding, kinda like Vegas style, the second was, well it wasnt really a "wedding" but we went to the church and ask the priest to bless us( in our culture, the elders are not satisfied 'till a priest blessed you union) the third was a church wedding with the whole "shebang" and at that time i think our daughter was already a year old, almost two! hahahha....we just laugh when we reminisce of our past, though we don't feel like we've been together that long. Everyday, we always feel like we just got married yesterday. We always tell our daughter; that's how much we love each other, we got married three times and she'll just laugh at us :) And to give you an idea, i have found our wedding pictures, one of them was emailed to me by my all of my fashionista followers, i'm sorry...pls. dont laugh.....i'm telling you i am not fashion savvy bear with me.....

the first wedding, with my late dad(left side)

the second wedding/blessing

and the third (how do you like my outfit?!) :)

And here's the wasn't a lavish celebration, we always celebrate our special day with the fruit of our love, our daughter.  I have prepared some of my husbands favorite food.  This time it was all Filipino food, while last year was so French, i was inspired after watching Julie and Julia hahahahah.....

It was all so memorable to us, despite our fashion faux pas....heheheheh..whats more important  is that our love has been blessed so much! So there, hence the title some 18 years ago, now looking forward to our new adventures together. To all of you, who are celebrating your anniversaries....happy day to you and keep the flame burning!

i love you sweety.....


  1. These photos are the sweetest, isn't life grand when you have found your soul mate and live happily ever after?

    Loving your happy radiant smiles in the photos, they make me smile too! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. This is so romantic !! Even with these outfit you just look beautiful and happy =) hehe !

    Happy 18th anniversary to you two !!!

    xxx Vee

  3. this is such a cute post and love the photos!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  4. This is so beautiful,this post was a joy to read,so romantic and you look so beautiful and in love in the photographs,so sweet that it feels like you just married yesterday,thats true love and romance,soul mates. <3

    ...and thanks so much for your lovely comment,so sweet that you thought of me :D bloggings great,its like having a virtual pen pal! Sorry I havent had the chance to get back to your comment to soon,Ive been away in Scotland and havent had any access to a computer! :D

    Look forward to more posts <3
    Hope you have a fabulous day!