Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've got a package!!!!!

i was very excited this early morning to receive this package from my aunt in Japan for my daughter. She;s been excited about it because she requested a bento box :)

we were thrilled to open the box!!!

She was happy to see these chocolates, her favorites of course!

And the best of them all, her long awaited bento box with matching chops sticks.

thsese little cute eraser are so pretty, too pretty to use :)

It also comes with a cute bento box carrying case

And this i love the most, i think this are the most comfy underwear ever!!!!!!!

Thanks to my lovely Aunt Ping :)  Arigato!!!!!!


  1. large imong size sa Japan? Unsa kaha akoa? Nge!

  2. Gagmay lagi mga hapon no? Sibo namo ni nicole ang large lagi! Abi ko ug dako. Kina saktohan jud!