Saturday, June 16, 2012

My first Homemade Mantou

My cousin Mischelle, works in Taiwan. So chat almost daily on FB or she would call me via Tango on her free time. She would always, send me pictures of her lunch or snacks, And OH when it comes to food, i would try and eat anything if it looks good, just like Andrew Zimmern. :) In Asia Steam Buns like mantou are like rice or bread. Some steam bun have fillings in them like my favorite "SIOPAO" a steam bun with pork or chicken filling. I also like the plain steam bun such as mantou, i just love the white soft bread like bun. And of course, she my cousin gave me a recipe, but the thing is it doesn't have the measurement like grandma used to do she will just eyeball everything she cook. Well, it wasn't a big deal! i just google mantour recipe and whala!!!! a bunch of recipe pop up :) This one caught my eye. This is from a blogger Almost Bourdain. the recipe was easy to follow. but then i cheated instead of kneading it myself i used my bread machine to do the work for me :) It turn out good! I love it with the condensed milk. I didn't fry mine though, just too much oil for me. You can freeze this yummy steam bun for a month or so. This recipe is kinda bland, well it supposed to be that way, but my cousin say's you can add more sweet into it if you like.


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