Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, after purchasing my art stuff, we head home, to grab some food, get my camera and head out again for the FREE 4 ALL CONCERT @ the park. But we got side track on the way home, i saw the OLD 99 thrift was still open. told my husband to pull over, so i can check out their stuff. i found some treasures! (up for sale @ the vintage village on ETSY) i wish i had my camera, they have a lot of cute items in the store.
   Anyway, we got home and chill for a few, grab some food and then head out to the park. By the way, i made sure that we go on the same route so i can at least take a pic of the thrift store.

lunch, i prepared the night before

old 99 treasure


omg! can't tell how many young-ens were there!

the weather was just perfect!

local radio station

one of the sponsors, FORD



more pics on my next blog........

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