Sunday, May 29, 2011


OK, as i have said on my previous blog i've purchased some art stuff for my drawing. When i was young-er, i used to draw a lot. it was one of my past time, if i'm not sleeping......: ) It's been a while since i stroke a pencil. The other day, as i was google-ing some images, i found this cartoonish pic of a naked lady. i like it a lot, as in i felt the urge to draw again. that is why i bought this stuff.....

here is the print out of the image i found on google

Gosh, it is my ambition to make a realistic drawing ever! I did my best though : )...And here is the version of my so called "ART" hahahaha...i think she  looked so malnourished.....silly me!

i want to make the paper look old, i guess i burnt it too much : )


  1. once you got it will always have it!love it!

  2. That's an awesome drawing!!!!

    Hehe and I would dearly love her waist. ;)

    I definitely did not cook all the dishes, some were at eateries. I am definitely not such a gourmet chef... yet haha I am the eternal optimist.

    The Cat Hag

  3. i love drawing
    this looks nice