Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SATURDAY ADVENTURE on "rapture" day

We got up early saturday morning. We're so excited to watch Pirate's of the Carribean. As you know, we are a big fan of the movie. @ 11:15 we were on our seat, eating popcorn n drinking soda, watching the movie. It lasted 2 hr something. Well, to tell you the truth we were kinda disappointed on this one. The story was ok, the humor, not so funny. It lacks the old pirate adventure of Jack Sparro. I guess the movie has to end on this one, i'ts not so pirate anymore :( just saying.

So after watching the movie, i stop by at Michaels craft store to get me some eraser, pencil charcoal n graphite pencil and a sketch pad. need this for my drawing stuff.

i'll blog about my "art" next time. But do follow my blog tomorrow as the adventure continues. i've so much picture to blog about. :)

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