Friday, April 13, 2012

asian veggies

Sunday supper was chocfull of healthy ingredients. We happen to stop by at our local asian market to get some tea and mango juice so i grab some of favorite veggies too!

here, i have garlic, onion and tomatoes and we all know the health benefit of these simple ingredients.
Also i have CHAYOTE in the middle, in case you dont know this little green veggie which is related to cucumber has vitamin c, manganese, B6 for the brain, magnesium which helps prevents leg cramps, has zinc an anti acne mineral, vitamin k for strong bones, copper which keeps the thyroid healthy, and folate which is really good for the heart. can you imagine that in just one tiny vegetable you get all these amazing vitamins and minerals. I have been eating chayote for as long as i can remember. I enjoy them either sauteed or put them i chicken soup we call TINOLA.

Then i have SQUASH, i'm sure most of you know the benefit of eating them. I have chinese LONG BEANS loaded with anti oxidant and TARO ROOT which has the same benefit as the potatoes, they help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

Here, chopped banana heart and flower cooked like adobo. Now i suppose this has the same health benefit as the fruit itself since this banana heart has layers upon layers of flowers which will turn into the sweet banana fruit we all enjoy.

This is what my husband did with all of the asian veggies above. He cooked them with cocnut milk and ginger. Now that is what we call a healthy meal!

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