Thursday, April 26, 2012

weekend get away

A few weeks ago, My SIL and her family got an invite to a 80th birthday party of one of their relatives down in the L.A. area. We tag along with them as usual, the more the merrier :)

this was taken along the I-5, a few melting snow can be seen from the mountains after last nights storm. Intersate 5 was back open early the next morning.

nice view of the Pyramid Lake along I-5, people would come here in the summer for boating and picnic

So, at the party as you can see here, a very typical Filipino dish and our famous lechon(roast pig)

the kids and teens, were having a great time dancing

while some of the adults were enjoying  some beauty sample from Mary kay cosmetics
Well, fortunately my Sil relatives were not the only ones having a party that day. Our friend phone us and invited us to a small gathering at a friends house. So after the devouring of food and desserts,  we hopped into our van and head straight to the next house, actually not far from where were at.

So, this is the second house that we went to and as you can see there's that poor Lechon on the table.

and more food

and the gang....we went home bellies full and bloated..hahhahah
Hope you all have a good weekend too!!!!


  1. aw abi kog nakatug si Ate. shalan ba.

  2. you seem like you had lovely time! oh my amazing food again..!!