Saturday, April 28, 2012

korean peanut crumble bread and chow mein

I was looking a bunch of korean bread recipe on the internet, and i came across this one. It looks so good and it sounds like it was easy to make too!

Sorry, i forgot to take a photo of the first step since i am the only one in the house when i made this bread.
Anyway, this was the gough after an hour or so of rising, as you can see i already punched the dough.

after punching and shaping the dough and sprinkling it with the peanut butter and flour mixture, much like bread crumbs. I let it rise again for another few minutes

and here is the finished bread!!! It was easy to make and the instructions were very simple. This is my first korean peanut butter crumble bread.

And i also cooked some chow mein, was a prefect treat!

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  1. Thank you for your comment,gosh you do sound so busy,especially with your daughter setting of for college you must be busy.
    No access to the internet actually sounds like bliss :D Probably would do me some good,if my interent went too,could dow without the distraction from coursework plus Im also in need of doing a good spring clean :D
    This just looks so yummy and a picture of pure health!
    I hope your well and not too busy :D Hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend x