Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sunday supper

Sunday was really gloomy and cold. We're suppose to go biking but the weather was not very much cooperative. We just stayed home cuddling and napping and watching tv. Later in the evening, i made some hot sour soup, we call it SINIGANG.

here is hot and delicious sinigang

also with some eggplant salad with egg

the eggplant was a nice combination with this pan seared tilapia
Ahhhh...the day was not bad at all, when you spend it with your family sharing a nice and warm home cooked meal. YUM! how was your weekend?


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,fingers crossed when I finish uni,I set up a website/on line store and sell my accessories,and hopefully people will buy :D
    Your collection of stones sound wonderful,Im interested in learning more on what they mean,different varieties and there healing/spiritual meanings.
    As always,what a dish! All looks so yummy,and a warm meal with your family is the perfect way to spend a weekend,you get to eat yummy home cooked food,and have a chat and a laugh around the table.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  2. soup! love soup! i can sip soup ever meal even breakfast. thank you sweetheart for the yummy food every meal. infi!