Monday, April 2, 2012

barbecue night

Ok, this is not our typical dinner on weekdays, but my husband has been craving for good old traditional Filipino barbecue and grilled pork for days now. I admit we haven't had any of these for maybe a month or so. And since they have really very good in eating their veggies, i was willing to skip a day of veggieless meal.

Here is barbecued pork marinated in special blend of soy, sauce, lemon, catsup and all other filipino spices.
smells good and taste yummy!

this one is also a traditional Filipino grilled pork and beef liver, no other spices just plain salt n pepper.
Both taste really good

And finally, i just can't resist to prepare some veggies to go with the meat. And This bitter gourd(ampalaya) and tomato salad is just perfect. The acidity and bitterness cuts the fat from the meat. It also helps aids in diegestion, in fact pickled food are great when you are eating grilled meat.



  1. OMG The meat looks SO DAMN good !!!!!! I've been dying for a barbecue for soooo long since it's been sunny and warm in London !!! Can't wait to actually buy one so I can get this started :p

    xxx Vee

  2. It looks so good!! would you like to follow each other?:X

  3. the bbq and griled pork and the vege salad are to die for! love them so much. thanks for the break honey!