Thursday, April 5, 2012

sweet treats for the sweet tooth

Just a quick post ya'll.....i've got a bag of sweet mangoes the other day. It was really cheap so i bought quite a lot. My daughter and I decided to make some mango float, much like a refrigerator cake, except this one used graham crackers instead of Broas.

mango float
This dessert is really delicious and so easy to prepare.

this one is called Champorado, cooked rice flavored with chocolate and milk

Oh, this one is called calamansi. I just took a picture of it last night. my husband and i got so excited when we saw quite a few fruit ready to be picked. this are like lime but are smaller than key lime and has more citrus scent. good with tea or just plain old calamansi juice, prepared like a lemonade.

If only you can smell the strong citrus smell of it!


  1. this is really good on salted anchovies in olives. Meditteraneans loves anchovies and i doubt if they've tried this with Calamansi.