Wednesday, April 11, 2012

holiday sweet bread rolls

My sis-in-law Lilian shared a link with me with this fantastic recipe for sweet bread. I have baked a lot of bread since my husband bought me a bread machine but none of them seems to really get that bread texture that i am looking for in a dinner roll. I was so eager to try the recipe, the bread just looks good and worth trying for so i rush to my pantry to check if i have the ingredients. And luckily, i've got everything so i put out all of my baking gadgets and start the process...and oh mind you i did not use my bread machine or any other appliances at all. I used my bare hands to see how good this bread will turn out :)

this was after an hour of rising, looking good and the dough is moist, soft and elastic

rolling the bread was easy, and they dont stick on the counter, i have a feeling that this bread is going to be a success

according to the ecipe, use a mason jar lid to cut the dough into circles

really easy

dip half of it in melted butter

and fold them close together like so..

and Tadahhhhhh.....after 15 mins in 375 F the bread is nice and golden brown

usually if i bake at 375 F the bread looks burnt under so i have to adjust the heat temp. But this one, it came out perfect

Just look at the textture inside, it does look like the kind of bread you get at the market. The best part of it is the softness and a bit of crunchiness on the outside. This is the perfect bread i have baked so far, without the use of my bread machine.

So later that evening, i preoared some coleslaw and potato salad with baked broccoli and tomato. YUMMMYYYYY!!!!

If you would like to try this recipe go to