Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello one and all!!!!! And a belated merry Christmas to all!!!!!
I know this blog is so i should last year, but i just got too busy to blog during the holidays. We've always been away or if not we've got company most of the time. Anyway, this is what it all looks like on christmas eve of  2011. We were at a relatives house in Modesto, California. Gosh i dont even know how many pounds of food i have devoured during the holidays, all of the pre-holiday dieting really paid off, hahahhaha. Honestly, my family was in serious diet before christmas because we all know whats is gonna be like, hehehehe. But despite packing the pounds, the precious moments spent with family and friends are so priceless. While the adults are busy chatting and eating the kids were really busy opening their gifts at midnight. we had our pictures taken, a few friends brought their professional camers just for the event, and seriously it looked were being attacked by paparazzi's with all of the flashing lights here and there. I didn't have a copy of it though, still waiting for them to tag me on facebook heheheheh. Truly it was a very wonderful christmas. How's yours?


  1. All food looks yummy! I am getting hungry now~

  2. Your Christmas feast looks absolutely splendid!!!!

    Wow, I would so love to have a spot at that table haha. ;)

    The Cat Hag